Welcome to Serenity Health and Wellbeing

I am Helen, a York based Complementary Health Practitioner offering the natural therapies of Eden Energy Medicine, Holistic Massage, Reflexology and Reiki.

My interest in complementary medicine developed from dealing with my own health issues. Having met very limited success via conventional medicine, I explored complementary therapies. Not only did I find this a very effective form of treatment but the knowledge and understanding I gained led to a desire to become a practitioner myself. Having had to balance my commitment to treating and healing with a civil service career, I am now in a position to concentrate fully on my passion for health and wellbeing.

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Be well and radiantly happy. Helen.

Disclaimer: Please note that although all the therapies described in this website can achieve wonderful results, it does not take the place of a qualified medical practitioner's opinion. Please consult your GP if you are concerned about any health issues. Also the term 'medicine' used in Eden Energy Medicine does not mean that this can replace any existing medical treatment you may already be receiving from your GP or Specialist.