“I was very lucky to be introduced to Helen. As soon as I met her I felt instantly uplifted and knew I had come to the right therapist. Helen was gentle and very approachable and her calm touch helped me relax immediately. She has a natural ability to make you feel at ease. Her therapy skills were amazing and she has a very positive approach to life and I came away feeling much stronger in myself. After my treatment I felt energised and more positive about my health issues and had the best nights' sleep in ages. I would thoroughly recommend Helen. I just wish she lived nearer!!!”

“I visited Helen for several different treatments and was really grateful for the care I received every time. The reflexology and massage both left me feeling like I was floating on a fluffly cloud and I had some of the best nights' sleep I think I've ever had following those treatments! Helen is clearly very skilled and immediately puts you at ease as soon as you arrive with her lovely warm welcome so you can just relax and enjoy your treatment. The care you receive is expertly focused and discussed with you so you can achieve the outcome you need most. I certainly recommend seeing Helen and am just sorry that she's taken her expertise to another city now. Still, Cardiff's loss is certainly York's significant gain!”

“Helen was brilliant, she immediately put me at ease. Her calm, thorough approach made me feel confident and relaxed. She helped identify a health issue which explained why I had been feeling as I had. My energy levels have soared. I look forward to working with her again. Thanks Helen.”

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